Character Stats Kit - Over 40 nodes to power your Skill point, Exp, Reputation and stats!


Hey everyone!
We’re very proud to announce that we’ve just released our Character Stats Kit!

This kit contains over 40 nodes to power your experience systems, reputations, skill points and stats!
Everything is modular and can be set up by plug and play within minutes!

Including features such as:

– Creating classes like Ranger, Warrior, Necromancer and so forth, with base stats that are dynamically generated.
– Passive usage for stats, like (automatically) draining mana, hunger or thirst, and even auto-regenerating health.
– Reputation bars, using a customizable formula to change the EXP required per level!
– Settings for starting level, leveling up, max. level and much more!
– A skill point system, which you can reset during in-game runtime!
– Multiplayer support!

[SIZE=3]Release on our shop: Pre-Purchase at out shop! Or directly at
Day to release on the marketplace: June 22nd, 2016! - Link here

List of features:

  • Reputation
  • Stats
  • Health
  • Mana
  • Hunger
  • Thirst
  • Sickness
  • Skillpoints
  • Resetting Skill points
  • Buffing Stats
  • Nerfing Stats
  • Resetting buffs and nerfs
  • Passive bar usage
  • Custom events that fire whenever something happens so you can act upon it.
  • Formula to determine exp needed for next level
  • Lots more!

We’re getting some questions lately so we’re setting up a F.A.Q. for this kit.


If you have questions, read these first:

1. Where can i change the classes?
The classes are stored in /Content/CharacterStatsKit/Blueprints/DataTable, in there open the DefaultsTable and change the rows. *
2. How do I add classes?
You can add them by adding a row in the above DataTable, setting the RowName and Class value to the exact same name and by going to Content/CharacterStatsKit/Blueprints/Enums and opening ‘classes’ and by adding the identical name as the RowName.

3. How do i add types of skills, levels or bars?
In Content/CharacterStatsKit/Blueprints/Enums you see Bars, Classes, ExpType and Stats,. In there are all the different names/types/classes and stats for you to change and/or add.

4. I Changed defaults values, added a class, etc but it doesn’t reflect in my character.
Delete the save file located in /saved/savegames and delete the save file that holds the info, if the issue still persists contact us.

Speedvideo of some of the nodes:

Is it Massively multiplayer capable out of the box?
Is it a component?
What confilcts exist between your system and all the other assets that we have bought from the Marketplace?


Hey there!

This pack is 100% compatible with any multiplayer.
It’s plug and play, installed in a couple minutes with components(which means you get to keep your current character/pawn/controller!)
And the incompatibility isn’t really there, it works fluently in any already installed or bought system and functions independent.

This can also be added to NPC’s easily.

We’ll be uploading more information and a full list of all nodes once we get closer to release :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m sure that is is compatible with any multiplayer, but that only means that it could be adapted for use in a multiplayer game of any sort.

All of these systems need database access to be used in multiplayer games with more than half a dozen players. What I would like to see is some uniform standard that creators could comply with that would allow straightforward db access out of the box. Maybe that could be your next project.

Ah like that,

That’s something that, to make a universal uniform around, is going to be near impossible as you can’t expect everyone to follow those guidelines.
Besides that there’s no built in way to connect it through Json or any other form to connect to a outside DB, but it’s add-able by the buyer. It does save your stats and reputation based on your User ID, so as long the system stays on one server the player will always have their own settings.

Moved discussion to new thread, so you have clean thread: Marketplace Multiplayer Large Player Scaled Servers - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums

New pictures are live!

We have released our pack and trailer!

Check it out at:

Awesome pack right here!

Keep up the good work as always Panda Studios :cool:

Thanks Benjamin!

Awesome! This looks fantastic!

Thanks Matt! :slight_smile:


Time till live on marketplace: N/A
Time till live on own store: Live now

Fix Issue where you can’t click upgrade stat properly
improvement added new UI!

New images:


Release date is June 22nd, 2016!

i was able to get my Stats to Show once i Called the “Local Force Refresh” node, so it all works now.

Hello, i have recently purchased this and i love it, your work is always clean and easy to use, i am however having trouble with the class defaults, i have created a list of defaults for a “Mage” Class, but when i test it, the stat box does not show any of the stats. when starting as a mage i tried changing the ID number to create a fresh file to start with and still no luck, the Ranger Class However works perfectly so i tried to basically mirror the class defaults to see if it were something there and still no luck, I am wondering if there’s something I am missing?

Hey Cole,

Glad you got it working. We’ll see if we can reproduce this issue ourselves and check if it’s an issue in the pack or not :slight_smile:
If you have other questions or issues, let us know!

Releasing today on the marketplace!

We have released!


Fixed: Issue when having no HP or Mana that the UMG breaks
Fixed: Issue when not having a Level that the level bar stays
Fixed: Issue when having a different class than ranger that the skills don’t update

ETA till live on own store: Live now
ETA till live on marketplace: Submitted, no timeframe

this is awesome, def going to add this to my library