Character poly count balooning on game run, Why? How?

Hi All,

doing profiling and noticing that the polycount when actually running the game is wayyy higher than I expected.

When looking at the statistics tab in the editor I get 100’000+ polys, which seems ballpark right to me.

When I run the game I get 700’000+ tris according to ‘stat rhi’.

It seems to be my main player character that somehow does this, as when i toggle vis-in-game off then the tri count goes right down again.

But this is the character tri-count (as static mesh) according to the engine, roughly 85’000 tris.


Does anyone know what is happening here that adds the extra 600’000 tris from my character? 600% more!


I’m finding that the mesh triangle count drops by 200’000 tri’s if I turn off shadow casting on the mesh.
This is strange as I have only the one single light casting dynamic shadows and the mesh is only ~85’000 tris. So how come the shadow casting counts the mesh’s tri’s more than twice?

Does onyone know where this stuff is explained?
Anyone knows what other buffers/passes could take up the other 400’000 extra rendered triangles?


Numbers you see in RHI stats is all tris/vertices in render buffers i believe, which can vary depending on lightning, maybe shading model, maybe opacity and so on

The shadow pass re-renders the geometry, once per light and per cascade (in a directional light), so thats expected