Character Movement looks jittery for other players (Android)


I have a problem with the multiplayer moment.
When I run in the game it is smooth for me and there are no problems with the server but for the other players it looks jittery and this happens on the server and the clients.
Is there a way to make the moment more fluid for the other players so they don’t see me jittering?

I also tried it on a new project and it looked the same even though I didn’t change anything in the code but I don’t have a video to show it.

When I test it on my pc it doesn’t have the problem so I guess this problem only happens on android phones. I have tested it on 5 different android devices and it is the same across all devices.

I have little idea why this problem exists and that is why I can’t really describe the problem and I can’t find a solution anywhere.

Looks like a bit of a replication issue. It’s best to test in standalone game to see these issues because the Play In Editor seems to resolve client prediction for these kind of issues, but shows it’s ugly face when you package or test in standalone.

Is the second character being controlled from another player/device?

Is your character(self) and movement component set to replicate?

Maybe check these settings…



You may need to set up some RPCs on your Input Axis. If you’d like to try that, you could create two custom events for your Input Axis.

  1. Name one perhaps MoveFwdServer and set it to run on server and reliable.
  2. Name another MoveFwdMulticast and set it to multicast and reliable.
  3. Call the MoveFwdMulticast from the MoveFwdServer event.
  4. From the multicast event pass the scale value from your add movement input onto the multicast node. This will give you a green float input when you call it from the Input Axis.
  5. Call the MoveFwdServer event from the Input Axis execution pin and connect the Axis Value into the event. That should get you a smooth replication assuming you have your character set to replicate