Character movement at Simulate Physics

Hello! I had a problem with movement Capsule Component, when Simulate Physics true character simply does not move. I tried to find the reason for this in CharacterMovementComponent, Character and PlayerController, but spent a lot of time and have not found a reason. Could you help me find a piece of code that is responsible for this?

Hey thedark174,

Simulating Physics on the capsule component is typically not a good idea, especially in the character class because it is not set up for this. The Character class’s movement is not set up to be physically-based, so even if you were to simulate physics on the mesh component (which is what I’d normally recommend) you’d see strange results. If you’re looking to set up physically based movement, I’d recommend starting with the pawn class and then doing some research to find how others have implemented this sort of movement system in their game.

Here is a link to our docs page where you can perform a search for physically based movement:

Have a great day!