Character Movement Animation Replication Issues


I’ve been having some trouble replicating my movement animations. The code past the branch works perfectly on the server and client when attached to a key press (say pressing E for example), but when I hook it up to my movement logic it only runs on the server:

  • The server **can **see the server movement animation
  • The client **can **see the server movement animation, but;
  • The server can’t see the client movement animation, and;
  • The client can’t see the client movement animation.

From what I can tell from playing around with breakpoints and console prints, this is something to do with Get MoveRight and GetMoveForward and how they work in multiplayer, but I am not sure how to fix the problem.

Below are the blueprints for my character animation (Movement animation), the movement logic itself (Movement/Rotation), and my animation blueprint.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - cheers.