Character mesh disappeared on mobile

So, my character mesh disappear in build but movement, physics asset etc are working. With default character everything is ok. I’ve made model in MakeHuman, exported it as FBX, uploaded and rigged it in Mixamo and then imported it in Ue4. In editor everything is fine, character is visible. Then I’ve built the project and launched in on my phone - Redmi Note 4x (Snapdragon 625/Adreno 506) and character mesh has been visible too, but then I’ve sent apk to my friend, who has very cheap and slow phone to test performance and on his phone character disappeared (but again it was ok with default character). I’ve rebuilt project and it gave same result. What should I do?
PS Sorry for my eng


It might happen that your material applied to your character uses some feature not supported by the target device (the one with your friend), that’s probably the only reason the surface where a material is applied would disappear. You need to make sure if both devices have same shader support and if not if you have select alternative shader support to have them built into your apk.

It’s not material because it’s only has texture, quality switch and normal map. I built project with ES2, ES3.1 and Vulkan support, so it’s not the problem too.
But yesterday I noticed that in ES2 preview mesh disappear too! My device definitely uses ES3.1, so mesh disappears because of some ES2 limitation, but I still don’t have any idea.
Previously in my first project in Ue4.20 I’ve used MakeHuman characters and everything worked fine! But now in Ue4.21 it’s somehow not working. Is it some now wierd feature or what?