Character look at mouse - Multiplayer Replication

I am pretty new to network multiplayer in ue4 so I just can’t seem to figure out this problem.
So I have a player character that is controlled by a player controller. In my pawn I am doing basic things like w,a,s,d movement for a 2d top down character. I looked up some tutorials for “Character look at mouse” and used some different methods. (current setup in Image below)

I think I did all the RPC stuff for replicating right, with the custom events set to multicast and replicate to server, but for some reason I am not getting correct replication from my clients character to my server character (I am using a listen server btw)

When I move my mouse to rotate the player in my client window, it doesn’t replicate to the server, the rotation of the server however works fine when replicated to the client…

I also get this error message but don’t understand whats causing the problem with the “get controlled pawn”

managed to solve?

There are some restrictions on who can send RPCs to the server. Only player-controlled blueprints can send an event as an RPC, so you have to be sure your player owns the pawn in order for your actions to affect the server.

If you’re still looking for a solution, this thread discusses in greater detail how the solution would look like on blueprints: Mouse Cursor Replication - #3 by JohnnyRevolver