Character Layer Blending Gone Wrong

I’ll just get to the point, I don’t know how I got to this point, my blending skills arent good enough to solve this as I am new to UE.


This is a part of the “Advanced Locomotion System” on the marketplace but the multiplayer compatible version and I get the same result on the regular ALS not multiplayer compatible.

Hard to tell from the pics so I’m going to guess at a few things base on how laying should work.

Layering is the way to add more complex animations based on context. Player running while waving hello for example. You can do this by adding the wave layer to the locomotion state at the first spine joint so that the animation migration moves up the skeletal tree.
Looking at the pic it seems you added a series of layers so the info needed is the target bone as anything added to the first layer will compound in the following layers so you end up with a mess like in your example.
To prevent conflicts best practice would be to added all of the layer requirements to the same layered per bone set to the targeted bone by adding a pin.