Character jitter when spectating another player

I have a simple server RPC with SetViewTargetWithBlend to another actor in my scene and it works as intended. Any movement input causes the spectator to observe the character jittering while the controlling player doesn’t see any of it. Here is a video example of the problem: MultiplayerJitter - YouTube

Still no idea what’s causing this. To provide a little more information, the SetViewTargetWithBlend RPC is executed inside my player controller, where it pulls a character reference and then calls the RPC. Also noteworthy is that when my camera is in free roam, I don’t see the jitter on the character. It’s only when I set the view target that it does.

Well, for anyone who ever comes by this same problem in the future, I solved it by doing the following inside my character movement component:

  1. Network max smooth update distance to a low value (32)
  2. Network no smooth update distance to another low value (64)
  3. Network Min time between client ack good movement (0)
  4. Network min time between client adjustments (0)
  5. Listen server network simulated smooth location time (0.01)

You may be able to solve the problem without some of these steps, but I’m over it.


Another thing you can do is use a second camera attached to a SpringArmComponent with EnableCameraLag and EnableCameraRotationLag set to true. This will smooth out the network updates for the spectator.

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What do you mean by a second camera?
A second camera for the spectator? Cuz the spectator has no cameras(using SetViewTarget).
A second camera for the player character? Why not use the existing camera?

did solve the issue

Can you elaborate how you solved the issue?

try to follow the above instructions provided by @Silence7 .
watch this video he explains in it.

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you save my life

This is how I fixed it eventually.

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umm how can you fixed it?

I have noticed about why jitter issue accured. but I cannot solve this jitter issue yet …

i’ve solved