Character Indirect Lighting

I have done lighting for an Interior scene. I have used very high Indirect Lighting Intensity for both my Sun and Sky light, 24 and 15 respectively. Now when I put movable object in the scene it starts glowing as there the indirect intensity used for lights is too high. Is there any way to exclude movable objects from the indirect lighting volumes or reduce the impact of it, so i could lit it using a separate light rig.
Really need to know how Characters are lit in engine so nicely

Is there a reason your indirect lighting intensities are so high?

I was not getting the bounces I was looking for, hence increase the indirect lighting. I am currently adding light portals and it is giving me good results, so might end up reducing the indirect intensity.

You should get good bounces with indirect intensity of around 1. Tune your lightmass settings if this is not the case. You might also have too dark albedo values.
Example we use indirect value of 1.1 for all the lights after carefully consideration. 24 seems so excessive that you probably will get other problems later.

I was lighting the scene with grey shader (as per Unreal, a value of 0.18 gives the correct grey). Now as we can change the shader anytime and there is no need to build the lighting, so I was under impression that the albedo value does not play any role in light bounces, as it turned out I was wrong. So currently I have shaded the scene and trying to get a good balance. I will post it once have a good result.
Additionally, is there a way to have shadow casting from the Volumetric Lightmap when it lights the Movable Character, or using occlusion is the only way.

Volumetric Lightmap has support for single stationary directional light shadows.