Character FBX breaks when imported to unreal

I’m importing a skinned character from maya into Unreal but some parts of my skin detach to a different pose(see fbxToUnreal_1.JPG).

If I go to my maya file everything looks and moves fine.

But then I noticed that what unreal is doing when importing my fbx is setting the envelope value from that skin to 0 instead of 1, or going to a different bind pose.

Does anyone knows if there´s a way to bake the current pose when envelope is 0 in maya? Or is there a way to fix this in unreal? I’ve been browsing on forums for this kind of issue but I haven´t found anything that could help me fix this in maya or unreal. I´ve also tried importing the same FBX in blender and it breaks the same way as in unreal.

I’d really appreciate your help or information on how to solve this.