Character extended blueprint input action mapping not working 4.7.4

I have a c++ class that extends from ACharacter. Input that I have implemented in code works. Recently I created a blueprint for prototyping that is based on the c++ class but have been unsuccessful in getting the input action mapping to fire.

Since this blueprint is based on a class that is an extension of ACharacter my thought is that input should be enabled in blueprints.

Could someone please provide a recommendation? Also, it’s a networked game so player controller 0 won’t work.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

It is not just 4.7.4, but 4.7.5 as well. I am thinking there must be a setting somewhere that I may be missing but have had no luck. I’ve read in numerous places that character blueprints have input enabled, and since my blueprint has a parent that is derived from Character I am thinking it should work.

In the past (4.5ish) I’ve had success accomplishing this.