Character disappears in game after packaging for html5

Hey everyone,

I just build a completely sidescroller game , everything works like a charm in the preview, but if I am packaging the whole game for html5, my character is not showing up in the game. Everything else is showing.

I already read through some other topics and tried out all the suggested thinks, but it is not working at all.

Here are all the things I already eliminated:

  • Reduced the amount of bones to 68
  • Each vertices is influenced by max. 4 bones
  • The character has only 6900 vertices
  • I only imported the mesh, without the skeletal, then the character is showing up in the scene, so there must be something wrong with the skeletal. But I am just not sure, what it is.

In my Output log I am getting the following yellow lines, but I am not sure, what exactly I can do to get rid of them or if they are the reason, why my character is not showing up. It is my first game:

  • Warning: Getting valid bind pose failed. Try to recreate bind pose.
  • Warning: Recreating bind pose succeeded.
  • Warning: Material needed to have new flag set bUsedWithSkeletalMesh !
  • Wrang: Bones digested - 68 Depth of hierarchy -17

I also packaged the sidescroller from unreal. The character in there is showing up, so there must be something wrong, with my skeletal, I just cannot find the answer to it.

It would be great, If anyone of you has an idea and would eb so kind to help me.

Have a lovely Sunday and thanks a lot

Sorry for bumping a year old thread but recently I had a similar issue. The problem was with bones and vertex relations. After many attempts, I fixed it by manually selecting and assigning vertices to bones. Weight Painting does not fix this issue. I believe the thing was there can’t be an empty vertex, each one should have at least one bone assigned.