Character disappears in game after packaging for html5

Hey everyone,

I just build a completely sidescroller game , everything works like a charm in the preview, but if I am packaging the whole game for html5, my character is not showing up in the game. Everything else is showing.

I already read through some other topics and tried out all the suggested thinks, but it is not working at all.

Here are all the things I already eliminated:

  • Reduced the amount of bones to 68
  • Each vertices is influenced by max. 4 bones
  • The character has only 6900 vertices
  • I only imported the mesh, without the skeletal, then the character is showing up in the scene, so there must be something wrong with the skeletal. But I am just not sure, what it is.

In my Output log I am getting the following yellow lines, but I am not sure, what exactly I can do to get rid of them or if they are the reason, why my character is not showing up. It is my first game:

  • Warning: Getting valid bind pose failed. Try to recreate bind pose.
  • Warning: Recreating bind pose succeeded.
  • Warning: Material needed to have new flag set bUsedWithSkeletalMesh !
  • Wrang: Bones digested - 68 Depth of hierarchy -17

I also packaged the sidescroller from unreal. The character in there is showing up, so there must be something wrong, with my skeletal, I just cannot find the answer to it.

It would be great, If anyone of you has an idea and would eb so kind to help me.

Have a lovely Sunday and thanks a lot

Sorry for bumping a year old thread but recently I had a similar issue. The problem was with bones and vertex relations. After many attempts, I fixed it by manually selecting and assigning vertices to bones. Weight Painting does not fix this issue. I believe the thing was there can’t be an empty vertex, each one should have at least one bone assigned.

Hi, this thread is ancient, but I just ran into this same problem and was able solve it thanks to the lovely people on the internet who figured it out before me, so maybe this helps someone somewhere.

There could be a few things going on:

Also, just a tip that you can have Unreal Editor preview render to ES2 for you, so you don’t have to package to HTML5 to see if it worked. Make sure you always switch back to a different preview render mode, though, or set a different preview default, because I’ve had startup crashes with the editor when the editor loaded a level on startup that had some VFX ES2 didn’t like.

Hope this helps <3

Hey, I understand this thread is super old but I am unable to see the character even if I followed everything mentioned here. Some help will be deeply appreciated.