Character disappears during sequences


I’m working on sequences with unreal 4.20 and until not so long ago, I was using a mesh only copy of my main character, in order to avoid some conflictual bugs between my main character animation blueprint and the animation played by the sequencer.

But recently I saw this tutorial, and then I decided to use my main character in my sequences so I could do some sweet transitions between my sequences and my game. (See the last God of War as a reference)

So I updated my sequences in my game by replacing the mesh only copy with the real character, and now, in some of my sequences my main character inexplicably disappear (the boolean Hidden in game on the mesh turn to true) for a few seconds. The instant when he disappears and the duration of the disappearance is different between two game sessions. And I can’t find the cause of this behavior.

If you have some clues about this situation, I would be glad to hear them !

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Is it related to the Bounds Scale, in the Rendering properties of the object? I’ve found that sometimes I have to crank that value to like 10…


Apparently not, I just tried and nothing changed… Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I found it, it was a collision problem, my character was going through a collision which blocked visibility trace responses during the sequence so it maked him disappear.

Hope this will help someone else in the future !

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this helped I thought it was a bug for a sec

This can also happen if you have characters with root motion and the physical mesh hasn’t been rebuilt for the character.

Turn on to Show → Visualize → Out of Bounds Pixels
If the characters are colored with a tint, click on the static mesh and have it create a new physical asset.

Hello from the future!

Thank you for this, solved my problem!