Character dies on 3rd hit instead of 2nd hit

Hey everyone,

 I'm having some trouble with my getting my character to die when he runs through a particle system (an electric current).  He is able to run through it the first time, which is what I want, but for some reason the second time he runs through the collision box, He doesn't die. When running through the third time though, my character dies. The project is an endless runner. I used the same set up for another blocker which works fine, the only difference I can think of is the electric current BP starts with On Component Begin overlap, while the BP for the blocker starts with On Component hit. When i use On Component Hit for the electric current, nothing happens. I uploaded some screenshots, if anyone could help me.

thanks :slight_smile:

sorry I wrote the message where code is suppsoed to be by accident.

is your Character Health 100?
Don’t only use the “<” pin in “Compare Float” But also the “==” pin

Please refactor the question to make it readable.

Wow thank you very much, I didn’t even think of using the “==” pin.