Character Customizer (Version 4)

Looking really good.

Sorry for the double post, do you think will be possible to have the .fbx for importing inside Marvelous Designer for create new clothes? there is a lot of problem using the export fbx function inside UE4.

Yeah I forgot about that, I’ll include an FBX with the body morphs in the next update.

Does anyone know marketplace etiquette? Can there be no female nipples at all? Like do I have to put a texture on top or something?

Hey how much polgon have your chars? Im intressed to use it on high end mobile.

@mlindborg there is any way to fix this little problem?

68k triangles at LOD0, 25k LOD1

No, that happens because of the recompute tangent option in the mesh preview window. You can turn it off but it will make some morphs look bad.

i’m not sure about that but yesterday i didn’t got this problem, i didn’t change any settings.

Compute skincache requires a restart to take effect so maybe it wasn’t activated the first time you opened the project. Either way hard UV edges are unavoidable with it on so maybe just turn it off.

i disabled it and restart the editor but the neck problem is there :`

Try changing skin normal tiling in the body material instance to 60-70. I think it’s just the fact that the head has higher UV resolution so it doesn’t look completely seamless. You can’t really tell though unless you’re staring at the neck from very close.

i think it will be cool to have a seamless body - head for close render :), also in some gameplay real situation the camera can zoom on the neck when colliding with wall or object some time.
just a suggestion

a real example:

Camera colliding with the wall and cause a zoom:

The model quality is really awesome, it will be cool to have a seamless body-head, you’re doing an awesome work anyway, if you can fix this little problem the model is the best out in the marketplace, just for let you know :slight_smile:

The textures for skin/lips are great! Are you using Mari? It really does not look like amateur job to me. I congratulate you!

Ive been following this thread. Im just wondering ETA time until release (fully working asset, no issues)
Also, maybe another ETA for the body types?Would really like a slighly more ripped body, or maybe a morph body that can make it look abit stronger.

Awesome work!

Thank you, I mostly use photoshop


I added body morphs a few days ago - YouTube

ETA for marketplace is maybe 1 week+however long epic takes

You might not put a “nipple” picture or post a video linked in the store showing them.

About the contents:

  • the customizer can cover the tip or the entire breast, you can make this a feature by the way.
  • with clothes you remove the cover and user can narrow the size.
  • option to make breast bigger and/or pointy please!!

@mlindborg Hello, i’m trying to add the clothes manually, but i have some problem with small holes, if i use your widget menu everything is ok, can maybe ask you what i miss?
I’ve tryed adding the clothes on the mesh and also from blueprint (looking from your “set mesh” widget function)

(I don’t need the character customizer widget, i just need pre-build character with only editable clothes, so i was thinking to move the mesh on Pawn and add the clothes from blueprint later/on runtime)

Thanks again for your support.

You’re missing the mask, you would have to apply it manually in the body material instance.

When you have one minute can you show me one screenshot, i’m not sure where to looking at :slight_smile:

Founded, i will try to archive something from blueprint now, thanks for addressing me to the right way