Character Customizer (Version 4)


download a playable demo

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Question: Will Character Customizer work for <x> type of game?
Answer: Probably, but email me if you have particular requirements.

Question: Can I add hair/clothing to the project?
Answer: Yes, hair and clothing can easily be added to the project as long as the meshes are bound to the character’s skeletons.

Question: Can I get character/hair/clothing FBX files so I can edit them?
Answer: Yes, email me with any file request and your marketplace receipt if we haven’t communicated before.

Question: Do I need to retarget animations?
Answer: No, but it’s highly recommended since it accounts for skeletal proportions and makes animations look better. Use Copy Bone nodes if you have IK concerns.

Question: Can I combine Character Customizer with another project?
Answer: It depends on the project but generally yes. You will need to dig through blueprints and change references. (see this post)

Question: Can I use Character Customizer with lip sync/facial animation software?
Answer: The characters have a set of FACS-based morph targets which can be used for facial animation. If you need specific shapes such as visemes, you can derive them from the FACS shapes but you will have to do that outside the engine.

Question: Does it support multiplayer?
Answer: Yes, the project is networked.

Question: Can I configure characters without using the menu?
Answer: Yes, either by adding an entry to the CC_Characters structure or by disabling the save/load system and setting properties manually on begin play or in the construction script.

Question: What platforms does Character Customizer support?
Answer: As of version 4 the project has gamepad menu navigation and as such works for both Windows and consoles, although only Windows is officially supported. Mobile is more limited and it might require extra work to get it functioning.

Will the price of the final version be higher or same ?

Probably it will be a bit higher.

What about body manipulations? Tall,short,fat,thin and so on… Do you aim at making it as good as Adobe Fuse or iClone or something like that ?
Mainly I would need it for making background characters … I plan creating the main ones on my own but it takes time and so your software looks good enough to make background characters for my project for city populations and use AI to drive them…

I’m making morphs for weight and muscularity. Afaik there’s no good way of manipulating the skeleton/physics asset in-game, so you can’t really deviate from the original proportions of the character that much.

It has a scale slider though which uniformly scales the character.

I don’t need in-game use for my project… as long as in-editor it can deliver good results it is fine. I would need it to be able to generate as many combos as possible for creating a good looking believable population. What about textures resolution ? Will it be possible to set how many details ? Will you add the option to put even custom created base meshes for the body other than those made by you?

In my experience, generating a lot of varied characters is more about clothing and hair and not that much about the face or body. As I said in OP you can add this yourself easily, just skin to character and add to data table.

The textures are average resolution but there are a lot of them combined for different features so it adds up. As for performance, it’s a high poly character, if you want to have a ton of them you would have to LOD pretty aggressively. After I’m done with the body morphs I’ll get to LODs.

You mean swapping out the body and keeping the head? Probably not but I guess we’ll see, it wouldn’t be much work to include a head-only version of the characters.

I was thinking more about having the ability to like replace the ears on any of your base models with my own designs, same for the nose or arms, legs and so on… to create more combos at will and even create alien type characters with custom body parts ?

Seems kind of cumbersome to put together. Also you’d get hard edges at the intersections. I’ll be focusing on normal human characters.

We got a previous work on a Character Customizer with lots of issues, mostly discovered after purchase unfortunetely. There was also a sense of hype and I think people didn’t ask too much, so please dont get bothered with these many questions you will find here, because most of them got derived from the disappointment from the other asset.

That being said, I want to say that you asset really looks great. The presentation is clean, the videos detailed, all one want to see for something most users are in deep need.

Making a hero character, your asset seems great, the features you want to add seems also great, but I would put a priority order on them for a couple reasons: some are great but not needed as others, while some are difficult and will cause too many changes that might break compatibility with previous versions, so it is complicated. I would prefer a simple and streamlined version with still lots of flexibility than getting something that will make further self improvement a bit harder.

Mainly these are the features most wanted in a character customizer, with all you showed up to now, but more these:

  • ability to create mass random characters - for crowding NPCs in a game - maybe with a set of rules
  • ability to change in editor individually those features even after they are created
  • all meshes possibly generated compatible with the current FREE animation sets available in the marketplace (you might cut a deal with some sellers to give you a specific non-free set of animations) that are compatible with Epic skeleton (MUST not have undesirable bends, torsions, and alike when animated), so it is interesting you show them animated in the video
  • tutorials on how to make clothes and hair
  • possibility to plug a separate head (because film makers want ability to have higher poly head for the animations and to smooth details even more)

From your roadmap and according to my needs, the features Id like to see more are in the following order:

  • different body types (ie: children, teenagers)
  • morphs for speaking (if the ability to have a separate head would exist)
  • aging

Thanks for sharing the details while in WIP, we do appreciate and you surely got a buyer here!


Ah forgot to mention something very important: Give those girls some breasts >.< !! Those are too tiny.

Hello Nilson

Creating a function for randomizing options wouldn’t be difficult. Possessing them and changing the options wouldn’t be a problem either. I think the challenge would be saving and loading.

Currently the save function just creates a SaveGame of the name you type in the box and stores the properties of one character. Ultimately, different games have different requirements and I don’t think I can make a generic save system which covers all cases.

It has the same proportions and joints as the UE4 mannequin so there shouldn’t be any problems there. How good it’ll look depends on the animations.

Clothes is no different from any other pipeline. Just export the character, model the clothes on top and copy the skin weights over or skin them manually.

Making hair for UE4 is pretty difficult. Everything from geometry to textures to physics to shadows. I’m still learning a lot on this, which is why I haven’t made that many hairstyles because I don’t think they would be high quality enough. Maybe I’ll make a tutorial some time.

The head is very high poly, adding more wouldn’t do much. If you wanted to have higher quality facial animations you’d probably use wrinkle maps.

Updated gumroad with body morphs, texture improvements and some other changes

For a game that might be good, but for a film where you want to have a close up to the face, a highly detailed one is important. My intention is not that you would provide it, but if the head can be replaced entirely and easily would be a plus. This was usued in Fortnite game during the movie shots, so it is important for me which are working in the movie area.

Seem’s really cool, my 2 cent is more hair and clothes (this provide something that doesn’t exist on the marketplace for a character creator system… is hard to create hair or clothes), your customization seem’s fine to me with the preset, if you can provide more starting clothes and hair (and also sell it in a different package) will be really awesome for me. Also is really important to create different looking character, but from the video seem’s really possibile atm.

This is surely the right approach, i’m really hyped.
Really a nice work, really interested in buying this when i see some clothes.

It will be cool also some physic on breast :slight_smile:

Just one question, is possible to create a character without using your editor and change the clothes and hair on demand? (like a prebuilded blueprint character that can change only some parameter on demand)

Also buying on gumroad will give me the updates? i never buyed from github

You can set default parameters for the character and it will load them on beginplay. For clothing you can just disable the autoload and put the clothes/masks manually.The save system is partitioned into functions like save hair, save morphs, save skin texture etc so it’s pretty flexible in that regard.

Gumroad will be the main place I update and keep a log on changes since updating there is instant and convenient. Afaik on marketplace it takes a while to add updates so that will be for bigger releases.

I want to give trust and i have buyed this for supporting you and your work.:wink:
can i ask what is your workflow for creating clothes? are you using marvelous designer? did you plan in future to do a tutorial for creating clothes? :smiley:
i want to say that the quality of the model is superb, this seem’s so awesome to be true… are you sure you are an amateur?

To anyone, support this guy right now.

Added a smaller update on gumroad - moved all variables and functions from the characterBP to a component to make it less clogged and more flexible.

On average maybe 10% marvelous, 20% sculpting, 70% modeling. Later down the line I can maybe add tutorials for clothes/hair.

I don’t know what to say, this is really AWESOME, is even better than expected, thanks for your awesome work!