Character Customizer System

This is a BLUEPRINT submission.
It is not a customizable character.

3D Characters Not Included

It is intended to be used with customizable characters that you already own or can attain elsewhere.

The Character Customizer is more than just a simple character customization menu. It’s a complete Player and NPC customization solution all wrapped into one solid package. You’ll not only be able to setup the Character Customizer to allow your players to customize their personal character. As a developer you’ll be able to use the Character Customizer to setup the customizations on all the NPCs in your game. It’s an all in one solution for applying character customizations to your game.

The only thing you need in order to use the Character Customizer is customizable character models. For instance, models with different morph targets, hair types, clothing types and that sort of thing. By default the Character Customizer can handle up to 10 male and female races or 20 mono gender races. That means the Character Customizer can handle the customizations for multiple, entirely different, character models. Are you making a fantasy game and need to be able to customize Dwarfs, Elfs, and Humans? If that’s the case then the Character Customizer is your solution.

The Character Customizer Package comes jam packed with 20 high quality video tutorials explaining how to get started with the Character Customizer from the ground up. In the tutorial videos we will walk through the implementation of your first character race and cover everything you need to know about the Character Customizer system.

We’ll talk about setting up the Character Blueprints for the Character Customizer. We’ll then go on to discuss how to implement your morph targets into the Character Customizer system. Then once we’re ready we’ll begin setting up our first race menu. To assist with setting up the race menus in the Character Customizer system we’ll make use of several different slider type templates. The templates are designed in a manner that makes menu creation a breeze.

The process for using the templates is as easy as connecting the dots. The slider templates not only handle the visible changes to the character but also handle saving the changes so they can be reloaded through the Morph Actor All blueprint.

Examples of different slider types include the Single Morph Slider template which handles a single morph from zero to one. The Double Morph Slider Template which can handle two different morphs at the same time. The Negative to Positive Morph Slider Template which morphs the target from -1 to positive 1. The Morph Swapping Template which can be used to swap between several different morph targets. The Morph Snapping template which can be used to swap different material parameters or even switch different meshes such as hair and clothing models on the character. The possibilities are endless.

Once we have the first race menu setup we’ll go on to discuss how we can use the Character Customizer to apply customizations to NPC Characters. You’ll not only be using this system to customize the player character but also to customize the NPC’s in your game. That is the beauty of the Character Customizer system. And if all that’s not enough, the design of the Character Customizer is setup so your players will be able to share their character presets.

If you were looking for a solution to handle the character customization for your customizable characters, this is it.

Please note that the character featured in the video is not included in this system. This is a blueprint system only.

Hello Nightasy. Do you intend to supply Custom Character Models for the System? For me, Content is the greatest challenge particularly the Customizable Character Models, Armour/Clothing, Accessories.

Good Luck to you with the submission.

This particular package is entirely blueprint. It’s universal in design so it can be used with any customizable character type. I’m not specialized in Character Modeling myself. My specializations are in environmental modeling, prop modeling, clothing, armors (I’m actually really good at clothing and armors, that’s kind of my major forte), animation and of course, scripting. But again, this package is entirely blueprint.

Thanks for the response Nightasy. I’d highly encourage supplying Custom Character Asset Packs for the system. The challenge for me is authoring or finding characters in marketplaces for customization. Without Character models, I can not use the system.

Well, perhaps if the system gets released on the marketplace it might encourage character artists to do just that. Like I said before, character modeling isn’t my field. I remember reading somewhere on the forums that Epic games said the marketplace was in need of more Character models. Perhaps this package could help to encourage other asset developers to explore the venue. As it stands now, if this gets released on the market, it will be the first of it’s kind and that might be enough to spark the interest of character modelers. Kind of opening the door if ya know what I mean.

It would be nice to start seeing some character models on the market complete with morph targets, etc.

A few questions:

  1. Can NPCs be customized without the game running? The last time I tried it it wasn’t possible since morph targets had to have the game running to be applied.
  2. Does this play nice with facial animation? Any snags in that area?
  1. I’m not sure I understand the first question. Are you asking me if it is possible to morph NPCs in the viewport?

  2. I don’t see why it wouldn’t. The character customizations are applied to NPC’s at the game’s initial load. I can’t think of any reason why facial animations would be a problem. In my testings there were no issues with the morph targets interfering with facial animations.

What I’m asking in the first question is whether or not it’s possible to apply customization to characters without the game running?

As to my knowledge, it is not possible to apply morphs to NPCs without the game running. I believe that is a current Engine limitation. Ergo, there is no way to morph NPCs and see those morphs in the viewport window. If I am wrong about that, anyone can feel free to correct me.


"The only thing you need in order to use the Character Customizer is customizable character models. For instance, models with different morph targets, hair types, clothing types and that sort of thing. "

are you providing like 10 different base models of various gender and species with the package for people that don’t know what you mean by this statement? Might help your sales+support in the long run.

The package is entirely blueprint. The only model that is in the package is a placeholder that has some morph targets on it which was used for testing. Customizable models are not being provided. I did my best to keep this as light weight as possible when it comes to things like that because I wanted to keep the cost of the package down as well as keep it simple to integrate. The more placeholders I add, the more placeholders that have to be well, replaced during implementation. For instance, during one of the revisions of this script I had several morph sliders for the placeholder in various menus. When I began testing integration I realized that all those sliders were a hassle because I had to keep removing them as I integrated it into various projects.

What I mean to say is, this sort of thing is best kept light weight. Providing customer support won’t be a problem either, I’ve revised these scripts several times as I polished this system so I know it inside and out. Not to mention that the package also comes with a 20 video long tutorial series explaining every aspect of the scripts. And, I don’t mean to sound like an uppidy up but if someone does not understand the prerequisites of a package then it would be their own fault for buying a package without meeting the prerequisites. Building a game is like building anything else, for instance, a computer, you wouldn’t buy a CPU without understanding what LGA sockets are. Then again it’s not like a non-customizable character couldn’t be made customizable. It would be a simple matter of throwing it into a 3d package, creating some morph targets and exporting it again.

Hi Nightasy, I really like your comprehensive package, especially the tutorials. Is there a tutorial for creating customizable character for the system included? If so, what 3D authoring Package? I personally use Blender. I would consider a purchase based on that alone.

I have to level with you. I’m a hardcore advocate of systems like this and posted about this very topic a few days ago in this forum. In fact, I’m a proficient blueprint scripter whos formed a team of game devs (BP App Gurus) to specifically develop BP-based Editor Applications coupled with a supply stream of assets designed to be interchangeable and customizible.

Editor + Content Supply (visa versa) has been a winning business model for DAZ3D. In fact they give away their Editor, generating continuous revenue from producing upgrades, base-models, wearables, and accessories 3d assets and materials packs/bundles. The monetization model is similar to Item Malls found in games. This is my inspiration.

So the following is just my two cents: To truly be a complete Player and NPC customization solution all wrapped into one solid package, it must be supplied customizable character models (armor, clothing, accessories, materials, and effects are a bonus). Without a supply of models, you’re competing against the FREE Character Customization templates already released.

Would you possibly consider collaborating with an Art Vendor to supply the system assets? If so, I have referrals. I’m also open to collaboration with you in development of Editor Applications for other types of Customizable Entities: Creature|Face|Body, Armor, Melee/Fire Weapons, Props|Furniture, Crafts/Vehicles/Machines/Hybrids, Level Architecture/Structures. Perhaps we could extend on your current CCS design.

I don’t have any tutorials on creating customizable characters. The tutorials focus specifically on the use of the Character Customizer system as well as the implementation.

I’m very familiar with Daz3d and have actually considered making clothing models for their program. I hear it’s good money. They don’t just give away the program, they often give away the Genesis/Vicky body models during certain times of the year. I myself happen to have a very hefty Daz3d library.

I’ve never seen that package before but I’ve checked it out and I do not see it as competing with the scale of the Character Customizer. The functionalities within the Character Customizer go far beyond what is provided in that package. Not saying anything bad about it, just saying that the functionality doesn’t compare. If you download it and check it out you’ll see that all that free package is, is a skeleton widget that applies a few morphs to targets. This system here can handle 20 completely custom character models. It’s capable of expanding. It comes with multiple slider templates, many of which only require connecting a few dots. It’s capable of saving variables on a massive scale, it’s capable of allowing NPCs to be customized and saved. It’s capable of retrieving as well as applying morphs to the NPCs and Player character in the game. It’s capable of retaining the presets for the player character for every race, meaning you can swap the player pawn, customize a different player pawn and then swap back, and your previous pawn still looks like it did before you changed races. Just to name a few major differences between that free package and this one.

Now let me iterate something to you. Yes, this is truly a complete blueprint solution to NPC and Player customization but what it is not is a game. Developers need to provide their own assets to make use of the this “complete” solution. A common requirement present with every blueprint on the market. It’s not a game, it’s not a bunch of models, it’s a blueprint system that solves the question, “How can I go about applying all the character customization to the customizable character models in my game?”, “The models, that I already own or can acquire at any given time.” The market this package is catered towards allows for a more broader spectrum of clients.

When I play one game, that game has it’s own character models, then when I play a different game, that different game has it’s own character models. It is actually VERY rare for two games to have the same character models in it. So the question then becomes why? Why go through the process of developing a character model for this system, increasing the cost to cover the additional labor, only to sell the package to a developer that will strip out that model anyhow and use their own? Game Developers typically desire unique character models that fit the style of their game. It’s even considered bad form to use the same character models across different titles.

Now I get where you’re coming from, and I am in total agreement with your philosophy of pro interchangeable and customizable assets. I just feel that as it stands now, it is about as interchangeable and customizable as it could possibly get. However, now that this system is available it can serve to encourage character modelers to release customizable characters for the Unreal Engine. Considering that now a comprehensive and complete blueprint system for handling customizable characters has been made available.

All that being said, if someone comes along with a Human Male and Human Female customizable character as pretty as what you’d see from an entity like Daz3d. Then I’m more then willing to talk business. There is definitely a market there and I’d be interested in a sit down.

Im thinking about if i can make character customizer gui look like tera or black desert, if i can it 'll be my solution

The GUI that you are seeing in the video is just the default widgets. You can completely customize it and make it look however you want. The layout and design is entirely up to you. I do suggest going through the in-depth tutorial series first though, that way you’ll have a good idea of how everything works. I’m actually putting together a GUI myself using this system to help show it off a bit more. I’ll share any widget graphics I make such as slider textures and whatnot. Like I said, what you are seeing in the video is not using any textures so it looks plain. It was just for demonstration.

The package does come with several slider templates that can be used as is or can be adjusted to fit your needs. There’s functions that can be reused in any given situation. I’m always available to answer any questions regarding the system such as how to switch up a slider template or make a slider do something else, or even change a slider to a button. The system is capable of just about anything.

Finally someone did what I was never able to finish :slight_smile:

Looks good, the menus definitively needs some work ( I suggest you to use left/right arrows when you swap meshes instead of using the slider ).

I haven’t seen body morph ( fat/skinny ), is that included or not? in that case the slider would be perfect to control the amount of fat/skinny.

I strongly suggest you to work on different races a lot ( military, zombies, business man, medieval and so on ) since lots of users are not going to play too much with the slider but just populate the scene…so a “Generate random NPC based on the race” is kinda necessary.

Bad thing is that you’re going against a free alternative which is pretty good, so the more content you have the better would be.

Good luck with the project :slight_smile:

Those menus in the videos have no textures applied to them. They are completely default widgets. That menu was just to demonstrate that it works, not how pretty it is. How the menu is setup by the end user is entirely up to them. This is a blueprint system. I am putting together a menu now using this system that I will demo in a later video to show off one way it could be done. How the menu looks when it’s done is up to the end user. It’s meant to be entirely modular so that anyone can use it for any game style. The functions are very universal however so the entire layout of the menu can be setup to fit the desires of the user. For instance, I am using a dropdown menu to switch the race of the character, this could be easily switched to a button that calls the same function.

Essentially if your customizable character has body morphs then this package can handle them just like it can handle any morph target. The sky is really the limit. Just to reiterate, this is a blueprint system for handling customizations. It does not include body models. I state as much in the video and transcript description. The only model that is in it is just a placeholder (even the free alternative only has a placeholder model in it as well.)

If you’re referring to the free alternative linked in an earlier post then that free alternative doesn’t even come close to the functionality of this package. Again, not saying anything bad about it but it doesn’t even come close to being able to do what this can do. I can’t even get into the differences in functionality as this package just simply goes far beyond what that free one can do. The free one is really just a skeleton widget that applies a couple morph targets, it has no saving capability, no ability to swap player pawns built into it, no capabilities to be used to morph NPCs, etc. I mean really, I could go on but I don’t want to come off as sounding like I’m bashing anyone else’s work. For what that free one is, well, it is what it is and this is what this is, I’ll just leave it at that.

This would be really handy for developers who are looking for an-already-made system…but not so much for standard customers.

I think that this is the problem, means that there are way more “standard customers” rather then developes here, and the standard customer wants to see one thing:
Shiny stuff and lots of content, so a technical system like this won’t be very succesfull if the character is just a placeholder and the customer itself needs to create the 3d mesh.

I strongly suggest you to work on the character itself and make it usable in various situation ( again, pre-made races with content, clothes, accessories and so on ), so that it would be more appealing then a technical blueprint in which the user puts the content.

My two cents :slight_smile:

Well it is what it is. This package is a blueprint system, not a customizable character. This is a system for implementing customizations to customizable characters. If someone wants to buy a customizable character they will have to purchase a different package. A package that is selling a customizable character or they will need to hire a character modeler to make one for them. That is not what I am selling. Once they have a customizable character then they can come back here and buy this package to handle implementing character customization into their game. That’s just the bare bones of it.

This is actually what my point was in my initial post when I mentioned from a “support perspective”; I meant to avoid people buying it thinking its a “character creator customizer” they can implement into their game as is and then returning it demanding a refund or something. I understand what Nightasy is trying to put out here so I didn’t bother replying as its a valid system to put out I suppose. But I think the title is a bit misleading in a way and if it makes it to the blueprints section on the MP, there’s probably going to be confusion and unhappy people, “standard customers” as you call em. This may not make it to the marketplace for that reason.

Nightasy: just a question here, why not make it a more complete package as opposed to just the core system? You’re a modeler too no? Can you not include x amount of base models that are already implemented and ‘standard customers’ can use them to make a large variety of different characters for their game without ever having to import external char models? Just a question. I understand that this system here “is what it is”, but in this marketplace I don’t think it’s going to get sales for you really. However I do think the plug and play char creator style system definitely would.

Anyway, good luck!