character customization with scars, makeup, tatoos

I have a 4K texture for skin with which includes the entire body and face with a normal map and detail normal map which comes out pretty nice. Now I would like to add scars and makeup adjustments to the character, I could do this by created 4K (or lower resolution) textures that place the scar and makeup appropriately according UVs of my mesh, this seems wasteful. Is there a way to take a 256x256 texture and add it to the mesh? I know there are Decals, but I also need it to save to instance, be dynamic, and I’m not entirely sure how that would look or even if that is a proper way of doing things…

You can try TextureCropping: Texturing | Unreal Engine Documentation
The only problem I had with it is that it’s a bit hard to find out where you need to put the texture in UV space when it’s cropped.

Hey, Thanks, I’ve not had time to actually test this but judging from the docs I think this will work! Thanks. I can easy finesse the coordinates to about the location of the Face on the overall map and rather than use a 4K texture with vast amounts of empty space I can probably use something like a sprint sheet with several tiled into a single texture map.