Character Component Replication?

So basically the movement of a character gets send to a server and then “spread to other clients” because there is no delay for the client when moving.
Im trying to make a vr multiplayer project, and the movement gets replicated from to everyone so that works fine, but the hmd and controllers only get replicated from the server. for the server everyone is standing still and for the clients only the server is moving. I need some one way letting the server know the position of a client without effecting the client, im setting a collision capusle based on the height of a player and client bounce up and down (i guess because the server says “ur camera is down there” since its not getting replicated) the server works all fine

Some functions even if called by a client are handling the communication with the server and other clients by itself while most don’t. Without more information my best guess is that you are calling a regular function or setting a replicated variable client-side which is never being replicated because only the server can replicate a variable.

I did this in a custom pawn class (not a character class), but basically I send the location and rotation of the class, hmd, and both controllers over the server, and reapply them on the otherside of the multicast. I have no idea how network intensive that is, so I aimed to update 10 times per second and smooth it with a timeline and lerp.
I did not set these components to replicate, I just let the event nodes handle it.

Pretty good ideas thank you, but its pretty dumb in my opinion in the first place, just like we can find all other sessions our game (cuz we use the sameappid)… the client to server and server to client again is like having annoying feedback. because the server sends it delayed (what the client already knew because he sent it. so i fixed most of it but have lag now when rotating the player. i guess its because of the “feedback” the server gives. when the player is not centered in his playspace and try to rotate… seems all a bit overcomplicated for me, im also just sending the locations of the hmd and. But back to my main question "is there a way that a clients sends something to the server and the server multicasts to everyone except for the client who sent it (because he has that information already and that is creating that “lag” “feedback”) just like the character movement component works?

My bad, I actually solve that by using this. The target is a self reference before going through server and multicast. I just wish I could choose who to exclude at the server.