Character Capsule Component Options Resetting

Greetings Readers,

I came across some strange behavior in the character capsule component. Here is how I reproduced it:

  1. Create a new level.
  2. Add a navmesh volume to the level
  3. Add a empty character to the level from the basic section in the modes window.
  4. In the capsule component of the character, set the “Can Ever Affect Navigation” option.
  5. If you now proceed to run in Editor and check during run, this setting that was set has reverted to an unchecked state.

If you add another capsule component to the object and repeat step 4, the option stays checked at runtime. This leads me to believe that the first capsule being the root component has something to do with this behavior.

I was curious if this behavior was intended or a bug and if intended, for what purpose?

I currently manage this option in code along with runtime navmesh generation to create impassible terrain under stationary units. This is no longer a problem for me, but I’ll admit it took a solid amount of time before I realized this was happening.

If the above steps don’t produce the same results, here is some additional info on my setup:
I use UE 4.10.2 currently that was built from source, Awaiting the full 4.11 release.
I also did all there test with navmesh runtime generation set to Dynamic modifiers only and force rebuild unchecked.



I have been able to reproduce your issue, and have entered a bug report (UE-28873). Thank you for your report. I will provide updates on this issue as they become available.

Have a great day

It is still happening, mostly on destructible meshes. Whenever you close the project, it resets the “Can Ever Affect Navigation” option.

Why is it marked as cannot reproduce when there are clear steps on how to do it?
Unless it is fixed in newer versions. (I am on 4.15, and it is still happening)

Hey Chringles,

The fix for the checkbox appearing to reset was out of scope, but the actual functionality should be working. So what you’re going to see is that it appears that the option is set to false when you PIE, however if you open the console and type ‘show navigation’ without the quotes, you’ll see that your capsule is, in fact, affecting the navmesh.

I hope that helps explain why the issue is marked as Cannot Reproduce. I’ve just tested it again in 4.17 and 4.18 to be sure, and I’m seeing the functionality working as expected, even though the checkbox still appears to be reset (which is something we are aware of).