Character as cube?

Remove the skeletal mesh in the BP and bring your cube in as a static mesh component in the Components tab of the character BP. Then you can make the rotation animations with Timelines and/or Vinterp To in the Event Graph.

Hmm, ok. Then do this if you arent familiar with blueprints yet. Create a new character BP in the content browser and do everything you see in the third person character BP, except for the skeletal mesh. If you want to know what you will be doing, follow this tutorial: - YouTube . It will be more helpful for you in the long run.

How would I go about having my character be a cube in BP? Third person obviously. And have it rotate 90 degrees forward when jumping??

Delete in the components tab of MyCharacter Blueprint from third template is grayed out and I’m unable to delete the skeletal mesh of the blue man?

I’ve managed to get the cube as my character, but when I jump it just floats up in the air, and when I move forward it just slides forward. How could I get it to roll 90 degrees every time it moves and jumps?

Did you do anything in the event graph that will tell the cube to rotate when you do those actions? If you have post a screenshot please, if not let me know and i’ll try to help.

No I haven’t. I don’t know what to do in the Event Graph! What do you suggest?

This is how you rotate the cube forward when you move forward and then rotate it back to normal when you stop:

You should be able to figure out the jump yourself now.

I get this when I try link the cube static mesh up to the Set Relative Location?

You are trying to move the cube mesh and not the actor, you should move the actor. Just use ‘self’ instead of ‘cube’.

This is what I’ve got so far. How do I get “Target Relative Rotation” thing?

I complied and I have no errors but I’m still missing the Target Relative rotation thing you have next to the cube variable? When I play nothing happens except the cube slides, what is meant to happen?

Drag a line from Cube variable and then type set relative location, it will give you the node for component instead of actor.

Unplug the cube from that error giving set rotation, create another cube variable and plug that into it.

You probably forgot to set the angle value for rotation. Check out my screenshot from the post earlier.

No you havent. Look what i have after Cube variable.
Drag from Cube and then type Get relative rotation, then get that node. And then plug it to Current input of each set rotation function.

Then set it to -45 degrees.

Since you are new to programming i suggest watching through all of these videos on blueprints: Introduction to Blueprints (pre. v4.7) - YouTube And all other UE4 tutorials as well on Unreal Engine Youtube channel. They will save you a lot of time really.

Dont get me wrong, btw. I’m not a programmer either so those tutorials help a lot.

I’ve tried to do everything exactly the same as you have. He still doesn’t rotate 90 degrees forward when moving ? :confused:

Okay I did that, but when I move forward my cube tilts 45 degrees backwards

Okay so I messed with values and when I move forward he now rotates 90 degrees forward, but he only does it once. How can I get it so he does it continuously? :slight_smile: