Character action and Animation communication

For context I don’t know much about animations or the anim BP.
Say I have characters that performs actions. Maybe an action like gathering a resource, like in RTS games.
I’m guessing I would want to have the character perform an animation and when the animation is completed, the action is informed or completed too.
For example a collect-some-wood action. The character walks up to a tree and a chop animation plays. When the chop animation is finished, add 1 unit of wood to the character and repeat until inventory is full.

How would I go about doing this? I mean, I have the action part working, using a timer to determine when a wood unit is collected. It’s playing the animation and being informed when the animation is finished that I have trouble with.
Or maybe I’m going about it wrong?
I’m looking for any information so if you don’t feel like writing a lot, articles, guides or tutorials are welcome. in fact, I don’t event know what to search for.