Chaos Vehicle Replication with UE 5.4

Is there any word from Epic about them working on CVMC replication?

Does it work on UE 5.4?

Or will I need to build my own replication for CVMC?

So I am confused… I keep reading that Chaos Vehicle Movement Component doesn’t replicate properly for 5.3 or 5.4. I was a bit frustrated with trying to get it to replicate for my tank. So I was going to start with the most simple vehicle, just four wheels and five bones (that was it!) and see if i could get that to work. I had 5.3.2 installed and decided to install 5.4.1 and try that instead.

But then when I went to create a blank project, I noticed it had a vehicle sample project. I loaded it and tried it with a server and two clients. I had to duplicate the Player Start Actor for each, and it looks pretty good to me.

At this point, I just need to learn what they did that I didn’t do to get my tank working.

So what is this claim that CVMC does not replicate well? Is there something I am not seeing yet in the sample project?

Here is a video of what I am seeing.

EDIT: It turns out that the Chaos Vehicle Movement Component isn’t used in the sample project. It is using the Vehicle Movement Component. Okay, mystery solved as to why I am seeing something I didn’t expect to see.

I thought that the Chaos Wheeled Vehicle Movement Component was not being used, but then I noticed that it appears as the basis for the Vehicle Movement Component.

Can someone tell me if this means that the Chaos Wheeled Vehicle Movement Component is fully utilized in this configuration, or do I need to add the Chaos Wheeled Vehicle Movement Component in addition to the Vehicle Movement Component?


I’ve seen people do the latter, but now I am wondering if it is necessary and possibly interfering with replication?

EDIT: In answer to my question, I didn’t include Chaos Wheeled Vehicle Movement Component and it replicated all the motions I needed for the tank. However, it get’s goofy with physics after a while.

The bottom line is Chaos Vehicle isn’t ready for use, I need to roll my own.

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