Chaos Vehicle Assisstance

I’m trying to setup a drivable vehicle in unreal and eventually make it an automated vehicle that follows a set path for accident reconstruction. I’ve done the bone rigging and everything with Blender and when I try to set up the blueprints the vehicle doesn’t move and neither do the wheels when the keys are pressed. If I don’t do anything though the vehicle slowly rotates and the wheels kind of roll side ways. I need a proper tutorial that can help explain it for people that are relatively new to unreal. I’ve used other animation engines like Virtual Crash and 3dsmax but I am new to unreal.

ok here’s a link to an old blender video of mine (UE4) UE4 Blender Vehicle Basic Setup a - YouTube but the set up still remains the same for UE5, as for setting up the blueprints, very much like in ue4 but with the choas vehicle component, as for the input problems this thread might help you UE5 Chaos Vehicles

So I’ve spent the past 2 days trying to import and rig a skeletal mesh to work with the chaos physics in UE5.0.0 EA2 in C++. I got it to work, the process is more tedious than it is difficult. I will place the most useful resources that helped me figure it out.

Blender plugin: link
Chaos rig setup: link

If you are making the vehicle blueprint from scratch you need to set the engine torque curve in the vehicle movement component.