Chaos: Clusterbone/ClusterLevel variable?

Hello all, I have 4.25 source build (may 24th) of UE4 and I was briefly checking out Chaos’ features. I was curious of anyone knows whether there is a node for the Fracture Level(s) in a Geometry Collection? Seems unlikely, so then where can I find the ‘fracture level’ within the code? I’m a bit confused and wondering if the terms ‘fracture level’ and ‘clustering’ are used interchangeably in the documentation. Am I looking for Cluster Group Index? Cluster Bone?

The idea behind what I’m asking is to have different events cause meshes to fracture using a given ‘fracture level’. Currently the way I understand it is that the (…3,2,1,0) levels exist to trigger smaller piece destruction over time to improve performance and aesthetics. I’m interested in using that differently, so instead of swapping out a geometry collection for another on particular hit event, I want to initialize a different fracture level than the hierarchical order set in the editor would dictate. What this would achieve is that projectiles with a set velocity could punch through a finely fractured Fracture Level while slower projectiles could create a blocky effect.

Anyway I see in the debug tool there’s a command “p.gc.ShowLevel [0|1]” but I honestly don’t see in the Geometry Collection classes anything listed as ‘level.’ Within UGeometryCollection I see variables for the maximum level resolution and such, so I figure it must go by another name? Or am I just blind?

As a followup question does anyone knows where the Geometry Collection fracture data is being stored?

Thanks, in the meantime I will make some fractures and then look through the code to find it.

Curious if you figured out how to access the Geometry Collection Objects. I looked through everything I could find, and even the AGeometryCollectionRenderLevelSetActor without anything showing up.

No sorry, I set the problem aside for now, intending to come back to it later when more eyes have a chance to dig around chaos.