Changing your "Projectile" when gain some "object"

hello guys, i working on android game, i wanna know how to changing our “Twinstickprojectile” from “circle” to another shape… what documenttation i must learn??

I think you should go to that projectile blueprint and change current static mesh to the mesh you want.
There are a lot of tutorial on unreal website, check them out if you can.

heres what you can do, duplicate the projectile blueprint, in the duplicate change the mesh to the shape you desire, in the player blueprint, make new boolean variables for each projectile you have. next, duplicate everything in your players blueprint that pertains to shooting, and in the duplicated part change the spawning projectile part to spawning your new duplicated projectile. After that, add a branch node to each of the shooting projectile parts. plug your first boolean variable into the red part of the first branch, and plug the other boolean variable into the red pin of the other branch. make the default value of the first boolean true and the second one false. plug the true part of your first brnach into the original set of projectile nodes, and plug the false part into the input for your second branch. In the second branch, plug the true part into all the duplicated nodes for spawning the new projectile.
Im assuming you have some kind of powerup the player gets, in that blueprint, add an event overlap node (which im sure you have already). from that event, set the first boolean variable from your player blueprint to false and the second one to true.
This will work, ive done it many times. If you need further help understanding i can post a screen shot if u need it