changing worlds causes me to spawn under the world.

Hello, I’m new to VR game development but not new to unreal.

I’m having a really odd issue.
When i load a level from inside a level using an actor i made as a button
the game freezes then goes back to oculus home, after a few minutes
the level loads however now it spawns me under the world if i click on the ground.
but if i play each level by its self without the Open level it works and there is no issue.
I can’t seem to get it to work.

I tried setting nav-recast to dynamic in either map and in both and that don’t help at all.

here is a video so you can see what is going on. Please someone have a fix for this issue. I so totally want to get this working.

try a “set tracking origin” node… either when you spawn in… or maybe you need to zero it as you spawn out? just a guess. gl

I already have that in my player pawn

Can you try to do Enable HMD with Enable unticked (stereo off) before calling Open Level, then re-enable the stereo mode once you are in the new level. Does it make any difference?

You sir are freaking awesome and this fixed my issue. that is one cool trick. I didn’t know that node existed.