Changing USkeletalMeshComponent transform during ragdoll simulation


My goal is to blend from ragdoll to wake up animation. In order to achieve that, I move the skeletal mesh and capsule to apropriate transform (resulting from ragdoll), start the wake up montage and blend from physics to animation.

It has been working well in 4.4. In 4.5, however, setting USkeletalMeshComponent transform immediately affects transforms of all simulating bones. I can’t see a way to change this behaviour without changing engine code. I believe that it was introduced in commit

Maybe I’m missing something, so I’d like to ask if there is a way to set only skeletal mesh position without affecting dynamic bones. If that’s not the case, how should I deal with my problem now?


I’ll answer to myself in case anyone has the same problem. I’ve just created custom SkeletalMeshComponent class and override OnUpdateTransform, so I can control transform updates of dynamic bones.