Changing ubication on the Reference Editor?

The company that I work for just bought the evermotion UE4 package. They asked me to organize all the assets in meshes, materials and textures. The problem is that the shaders are trying to take the texutres from the original folder (reference). I have read that there is no solution only by reassigning the textures. Question: Is there a way that from the reference editor I can change the ubication of this textures? I mean is easier than searching the textures because I have them all but in a different folder. Or anybody know how to fix this reference problem? Thanks


After performing a few tests, it does not appear that you can set these textures in the reference viewer. Manually updating the textures is how I’ve performed this action in the past when important content from an external package. If you have a specific feature request that you’d like to enter, feel free to let me know and I can do that.

One thing you can try with the reference issues, however, is to right click on the Content folder in the Content Browser and select the Fix Up Redirectors in this Folder option. This may resolve the issue you are having.

Have a great day