changing the sun position in ue 4.7


i like to change the sun position in ue 4.7.

i think, to change the directionallightstationary, i only have to reposition it.

but how can i move the skysphereblueprint to the direction of the new positioned directionallightstationary?
every time i change the rotation Y, and refresh it, nothing happens…

where is my error?

thanks for an answer :slight_smile:


I never discovered why that blueprint is so stubborn.

Make instead your own blueprint. Dissasemble orginal one, and move feature one by one. You learn some good stuff this way.

I am not sure but i think you need change directional lighht to movable (or dynamic) then adjust sun then make light stationary again.
Blueprint cannot move that light because its static or something like that, so it gets stuck in same position.

Are you trying to setup a dynamic Time of Day system to move your sun with? If not that, are you just rotating your sun and trying to update the Sun Disc position in the SkySphere Blueprint?

I’ve tested this with the latest release in a blank project and can update the suns position. Here are my steps with this:

  • Select the light source.
  • Rotate a few degrees on a single axis ( ~20 degrees on the z-axis)
  • select the Sky Sphere BP
  • Select “Refresh Material”

At this point the sun should update position. It will not do so dynamically.

Let me know if this works for you.


hi Nawrot,

thanks for your fast reply!

unfortunately i´m not a good coder/blueprinter,
so i have no good tutorial to create some new for this function (and my time is running away… and so on and so on… you know: all the old well known excuses)

i tried to rotate the complete sphere-“mesh”, but i failed also…

maybe i should go in the other direction to create an complete selfmade skydome…
but i guess there is a lot of learning too for this way.

There’s not need to rotate the skysphere. This will not update the suns position. You should rotate the Directional light source and not the skysphere mesh.

I’ve made a short video demonstrating just this: Dropbox - Error

Rotating the sky sphere mesh will not change the position of the sun because this is not a mesh it self on the sky sphere but instead a material that has specific parameters setup.

I hope this helps.

hi Tim,

i got it :slight_smile:

thanks a lot to all !!


ps. this community is really great !

@Tim Hobson - Thank you!!