Changing the Mask in a Material Instance

I have multiple objects using the same material, but in order to use a dirtmap I’ve been copy/pasting the material just to switch the mask. Is there a way to switch the mask outside the original material? Like, in an instance or something?

For example: say I want to use this material on a Barrel and a Bench. The barrel and the bench each need a different dirtmask, right? So do I need two materials, or can I have one material and switch out difference masks for different meshes?

NOTE: Actual materials in game are much more complicated, and right now I have maybe a hundred versions of the one material with different masks. Would LOVE to reduce that!

“Rick click > Convert to Parameter”

Convert all your texture sample, then Rick click on your “Master Material” and “Create Material Instance”.

You can use as well a “StaticComponentMaskParameter” between your Mask and your Alpha input to the channel you want.