Changing the color of the sun disk on a sky sphere?

I’m trying to change the color of the actual disk, I figured it would be the sun color but it had no effect.
I tried looking into it but only found details about changing the radius of the disk.

That “sun brightness” parameter… try reducing it

yeah that might work

I tried turning it down to 0 and the sun disappeared, any value above still results in a white circle, negative values result in this blue sun regardless of what I set the sun color to
Interesting result though

Set it to 1

To elaborate on what is happening here: Unreal’s tonemapper will desaturate bright lights in order to better represent the results you would see in real life. You can read about the tonemapper in the docs.

An explanation as to why this happens was offered by Brian Karis during one of the livestreams when the Filmic tonemapper was made the default in UE4.

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Awesome!! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.