Changing the color of Object Outline Material (M_Highlight)

I have successfully made an object outline for when I am close to it thanks to this tutorial I am using the Material from the Example Content Maps (M_Highlight) along with some blueprints. I am currently trying to change the object outline color based on what type of object I am interacting with. Red for heath, Blue for doors, Green for batteries, etc… I made duplicates of the M_Highlight material and changed the color inside the blueprint and named each one M_Highlight_“color”. I currently have the M_highlight (Which I changed to M_Highlight_White) set as a blendable in the Global Post Process Volume and I figured I could add the other colors in there and just change the blueprints to select the color I want… So far I have not made any progress. Does anyone know how to change these colors?

Has anyone figured out anything close to what I am looking for??? I have been experimenting and still nothing…

Did you figure that out? I am trying to do the same