Changing texture in an Instanced Material

How do I switch the texture in an Instanced Material?
These are the steps I did:

1.Created a Master Material
2.Plugged the texture in
3.RMB over the texture node and chose “Convert to Parameter”
4.Click Save

5.RMB over the master Material and chose “Create Material Instance”

  1. Open the Instanced Material
  2. Turn on Param
  3. Swap out texture map
  4. Set Mesh Preview
  5. Click Save

The texture on the shorts still does show on the mesh.

O’ never mind, If I change the name of the Instanced material; it seems to break.

It works if I leave the auto name UE4 gives a material after you RMB over the master Material and chose “Create Material Instance.”

It is working now,