Changing Source Cubemap Angle

Hey there, is there a way to change the Source Cubemap Angle of a SkyLight at runtime? I want to be able to change this value in sequencer but I dont find a way to keyframe it or modify it via blueprints. I want to be able to use the raytracing lighting feature from the SkyLight while this value is being modified.

Thank you!

Hey, check this thread out - Can't rotate custom Cubemap for Skylight in BP - Unreal Engine Forums I have written some tips, hope it will help you.

FYI, it will cause a very noticeable hitch if you rotate the cubemap.

Thank you NasteX! It did work after the adjustements mentioned in both threads.

There isnt any actually, I would expect that It would (Since you cant modify it easily) but I cant notice any.

Huh, good to know. Maybe I just didn’t remember correctly.