Changing server


In a case of a mmo game, I understood that one dedicated server will own one zone/area/level.
My ideas is to have several dedicated server, launched for each, one different level at starting.

But Is it possible for a client to disconnect and reconnect on a different IP, or port?

Tahnk you

Ofcorse why would not able to do that? via travel functions

Blueprint thru i dont see travel nodes in blueprint API refrence, but you could also use console command which you can do in blueprint

You just need to keep some form of server-side security so player won’t travel in the world as he likes just by reconnecting to diffrent server

OK it sounds good : thank you
from another posting, I’ve found this 4 links to say how to loadmap in different case

UEngine::Browse | Unreal Engine Documentation UEngine::LoadMap | Unreal Engine Documentation UWorld::ServerTravel | Unreal Engine Documentation APlayerController::ClientTravel | Unreal Engine Documentation