Changing Materials on a Instanced Static Mesh

Hey All,

I have a scene with several instanced static meshes. Its a train, and the seats are all regular so I’ve used an Instance static mesh BP to create all the seats in the level. it works great, but I want to change the materials on all of these seats too, all to the same material and I cant figure out how to do that the same way as a regular static mesh. Before I just call a reference to it in the level blueprint and switch the material, that doesn’t seem to work for the instance, does anybody know what I’m doing wrong here?

So what you did right here is group all the seats in one mesh and create a new static mesh BP right ?

Hey! Not exactly, sorry if that wasn’t clear. I made a blueprint for one seat, and used instance static mesh in the construction tab to instance the seats throughout the scene. I’m now having issues referencing the parts of the instances to switch the materials in the level blueprint.

I hope that clarifies

Thanks, this is exactly what I was needing. In my case, I use PerInstanceCustomData to switch between different textures using Lerp_Mutliple_Float in the material:

Attaching the important image here in case that wiki page goes down.

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