Changing material on runtime


I am creating a virtual house walk through and the house will have 4-5 rooms. Now when user click on change material I want to change texture for all the walls, floors and ceilings.

I just want to know how much time the rendering might take to change material on runtime? Will it be quick? Also do I need to change the lighting as well in case the material is shiny?


Time to implement really depends on your experience with blueprints. the engine is ‘real-time’ meaning there are no render times, so changes will happen instantly. Topics you’ll want to explore include:

Blueprint Communication to help you identify which object’s material to change at runtime

Material Instances to understand how to access parameters in materials to change at runtime

Player Input to understand how to press a button or keyboard key that triggers an action in your visualization

with regards to lighting, you’ll want to explore static vs dynamic lighting to see the difference between static, stationary, and dynamic lights, and how that impacts shader models. Lots of info for that here:
Lighting Overview

I hope this helps!