Changing material color over Network?

I’m trying to set up Teams, and I cant seem to replicate the color change for the client I don’t know what im doing wrong or where exactly do i have to replicate the function.

Please help!

What is your current setup?

Sorry for the late reply here is my current set up

I don’t even know, just starting with networking


Im actually getting it to replicate( I think) but the client wont update, from the client side I can actually activate the color change but only the server updates its value, client stays the same color.

The “Event Change Color” can only be called on the server, “Replicate to all” can only be done from the server. If the player changes the color, you need to tell the server (replicate to server) and the server does the multicast.

I assume you are using a dynamic material instance, right (otherwise it cannot work)

This is the update that i currently have

and I have a copy of the character base material i don’t know if it is a dynamic instance material

Set the RedTeam/BlueTeam Nodes to Reliable too.

Then make sure you are using an instanced (dynamic) material, as explained here: Material Instance Dynamic. You may not change parameters of material on objects in code, unless it is an instanced material.


Got it to work, the problem was sooo stupid!, I was having problems in how “Multicast” work and ran.
For those having this problem just run everything on the server and multicast the color change connecting the Switch Has Authority to the client side and server. ( there’s probably a better way to do this but it work for me :3 )

Have a nice day!

could you show me the screenshots of how you fixed it

Show us your end result, and how do I call those custom server events?