Changing mask in material instance?

Hello, everyone. I’m still quite new to UE, so some of my questions may sound silly. I’m working on a wall material, a common plaster with a mask that alows the briks underneath to be seen. I was wondering if there’s any way to disable the mask on an instance material, or better, either replace the mask texture or changing it in any way to make it look different. If there’s any other post covering this issue, sorry for posting it again and I’d like to have the link.
Thank you~

That’s how it works :slight_smile:

-so just use a lerp node and connect the two textures. After that add a multiply node and connect the mask texture and a scalar parameter with it + connect the multiply with the alpha from the lerp. Now when you put the value to 0, you will just see the brick. When you put it to 1 you can also see the wood at the parts from the mask.
-when you just want to replace the mask texture, use a texture parameter 2d

Thanks a lot, ! Bit by bit I learn more and more about UE materials, they’re so powerful.

Yep, you can do amazing things with them :smiley: