Changing Level is too slow


I’m changing level using the ‘open level’ node. The new level has barely content in it, but it takes up to 29 seconds to load it. (I’m using VR preview). With barely I mean a platform 2 by 2 meter and a widget. How could I speed up this process?

I also tried in release → my new level doesn’t get loaded at all.

To make a new level I copied one of my ‘Maps’ to use as the new level. Then I just used the ‘open level’ node to switch level. That might be wrong? Am I missing some steps?

Also, how can I put blendout/in to the new level?

Thanks in advance

I’ve got my main menu set like this, with more meshes and it takes max 5 secs to open it from any level with the open level node…

Don’t you init other stuff which could slow down the process?

And if it’s just a cube and a widget, you could recreate it from a new level

I tried it with a new clean level. I had to restart c++ too, then I was able to add the newly created level into the packaged version. Both work smooth now: Edithor and Release

are you doing this from within the editor? it always lags quite heavily even when loading an empty level.
once youve packaged the build it should be far more seamless

Yes, I was doing this from within the editor. I now tried release but it seems that it doesn’t find my new map when loading the 2th level. When I want to add it to the package it doesn’t show up in the folder :o
“List of maps to include in a packaged build”

Weird, I can’t throw a line on it now, I restarted the editor, and the 2th level show’s up right away after changing level…