Changing height mid-demo

I’m really new to developing using the Vive in UE4.

What I am making is an interactive cockpit of a plane where users can press buttons and move the joystick/ throttle around.

The problem I am having is the height of the user in comparison to where they should be inside the cockpit.

Currently I have player start and camera set to 1cm on start, with the cockpit at around 1.2m above the ground. This is fine for me, however if someone else who is shorter than me tries the demo their head will not be in the correct position in the cockpit.

What I am asking is: Is there any way I can set the controllers to adjust the height of the user ‘in-game’, or is there any way to lock the position of the HMD on start-up, whilst still enabling the user to move their head and look around?

EDIT: Something like being able to switch between cameras whilst still using the HMD would be perfect. So I could set the camera up in the cockpit (fixed position but be able to look around) and use the ‘F’ keys to toggle between cockpit view camera and ‘free roam’ HMD camera.