Changing fire color of P_fire particle system

Hello all,

I’ve got the P_fire particle system that comes with the editor in Cascade and what I’m trying to do is change the color of the flames to more closely match my game. See this picture below:


After looking at the documentation on particle systems (, it seems like I could change some settings in the ‘ColorOverLife’ module of the Flames emitters. The problem I’m having is that nothing seems to change the color of the flame when I change the settings on the left.

Is it not possible to change colors of particles inside the editor? Please if anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

Did some research and found this on AnswerHub ->

The problem is that there is a Particle Color node in the fire’s material, but when I try changing the color in Cascade using Initial Color or ColorOverLife nothing happens!

It’s possible, but it depends on a number of things.

First of all, the material could be injecting some colour, so you’ll need to check the material to see how it’s setup. You’re colours will only multiply the existing colours. The colour may also be coming from elsewhere in the system. I can see two Flame emitters there, you will only be changing one of several emitters. I recommend watching the Cascade tutorials if you’re unfamiliar with it.

Thanks for your reply TheJamsh, one of the guys responded to my AnswerHub post ( and recommended a couple tutorials. They helped really well. Thanks again.