Changing decal texture based on Hit Results

Hello. I am writing with a question, I’ve been wondering if I can change a texture on the decal depending on hit results from blueprints. To give maybe more explanation, lets say that I have an Environment Query System result or something similar that is done using Line Traces, and I know how far the line trace is going so the Trace End from Hit Results basically and I also have the Location of the hit, and depending on that I want to have a different texture on a decal between Hit Point Location and End Point of a Line Trace. I tried to find some way to do that in material editor, but I am not that knowledgable at using that editor. I know I write in a really confusing way but I am not sure how to precisely explain, it may be that I am just lacking some certain engine knowledge to do all that or explain it better. Also I wasn’t really able to find anything on the internet but probably I just don’t know how to explain it good enough to search engines :d