Changing darker color to directional light also affect the HUD materials


I am creating a main menu from the game , as you can see in the picture , the material on hovering over the menu items is black in color , that is because i had changed the directional light colour to dark colour. But I want desired colour for the HUD materials , unaffected by directional light colour change. If I change the color to white or any other light color , the material in HUD changes color accordingly , as you can see in the second image.


Please help. Thanks

Have you set your materials to be “unlit” and using the emissive input on the material side? My first thought is that your materials are actually being lit by the light.

In the case of the bottom dark grey bar, that one looks mostly transparent and or modulative. In that case it would be expected for the brighter scene behind the object to make it appear brighter overall.

Thanks a million , I didn’t figure that out. It worked now.