Changing Component Visibility Replication

When changing the visibility of a component on a character - the changes don’t show up on other clients. There is no category for replication on the component itself, but I have set it up in the graph to ensure it replicates. However this doesn’t change anything.

Hey again, the way i do this is : i use an event that run only on server that i call from the client, this event sets a variable ( a bool) that is RepNotify. On the function repNotify i branch on my variable(bool), true sets the visibility to true and false sets it to false.

So the way replication works it that you need to do the change on the server, and the server will tell the clients. If you change stuff after an player input for example it will only execute on the client, so you need to use Event that replicate on server.

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Ok I get how the server needs to be the one making the changes - but how do I get the server to call the client’s character?

If you haven’t read the doc about replication you should read it Content Examples Sample Project for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation, there is also youtube videos about replication on the UE youtube channel(which are very cool). When a variable is repnotify and is changed on the server the function is called first on the server then on all clients. You can also you MultiCast Event.