Changing Child Actor Component Material BP

Hey All,

Need some help on something, and I can’t seem to find anything that fits.

I have a 3D Mesh that I have setup as a child actor on my player…I am using the child actor as a way to display health status instead of a HUD/UMG Widget. The main way I intend to display the status of health is by changing the material of the child actor from Green->Yellow->Red ( I have 3 instanced materials that have slightly more than just an RGB assigned). What I want to do in order to test this functionality is just change the material of the child actor by key stroke…then later I can have it change based upon damage.

I’ve seemingly tried everything but I just can’t seem to cast to the child actor properly…I can Keystroke a Change Material to the player…but I can’t seem to affect the child object’s mesh. I’ve even setup a keystroke event within the Actor blueprint that hosts the child mesh …no luck… Am I missing something?

Bonus Points Question: I would LOVE to transition the materials when they change…but im guessing I can INTERPT to each one??


Hi man , here how you can set a material to your “static mesh” inside your “child actor”.
I added as child an actor ROCKz .
Plus: i am not sure, but probably you need a material , that take the your 3 material and mix them on trasparency or scalar parameter.

I swear I did this in one form or another but this worked! Thanks!!!