Changing camera to blueprint camera in multiplayer calls only client1

I’m trying to call an event when the player overlaps the collision to switch the camera to the blueprint of a specific player on the multiplayer server but the event is calling only for the client1 which is player index = 0, Get player controller index = 0 independent of which client being 2,3,4 … overlaps the collision only the client 1 responds

Any solution?

If you want to change camera of actor that overlap, instead of concentrating to get index, you can get controller from “Other actor” pin, cast it to at least pawn, then get a controller and then set view target.

If you wanto to change all controllers,… you need ot get all controllers first, either with Get All Actors of Class, or more efficient way by monitoring who leaves and joins the game and keep there controllers in array. Then just do For Each

Thanks , I found the solution for multiplayer at: