Changing a variable on an actor only counts for the player that set the variable

Bassically i have an actor that stores a bunch of info for the players’ blueprint to read and edit but when a change is made, only the player that made that change reades the changed variables while the others read it as what it was

For e.g: say i have a boolen variable on the “info” actor and it’s set to false, then one of the players go and set it to true then only that player that set it to true sees it as true and the rest see it as false still

Thats how UE Networking works. If you want everybody to have the same value, you need to setup that variable as replicated and set the value ON THE SERVER

Aah thanks for clearing that up for me, well i just wasted a couple weeks on this project then cause of that, thanks anyway for your help and thanks for being the first person to finally respond to one of my questions

You’re Welcome. Google for exi’s Network compendium PDF, it will give you a good start

Thanks for the advice, if there is anyway i can get it right I’ll take it instead of rewriting my whole app in a different language or program, and tbh I’m a noob when it comes to multiplayer but i have to learn it now for work reasons so I’m quite lost lol